Why should I choose Shopify as my e-commerce platform?

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April 20, 2017
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May 24, 2017
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Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform, geared specifically toward the selling of goods. Shopify offers product organization, customizable storefronts, order tracking and reliable customer service.
There is no software installation required to use Shopify. All of its features are offered online. To begin using Shopify you only have to add your products to your online store. Shopify also offers a free 14 day trail, which allows you to test out their services for free to determine whether its a good fit for your specific online store.
Shopify has three main plans that you can choose from if you feel  you want to move forward with them as your eCommerce source. They are basic Shopify, Shopify and advanced Shopify. Lets start with the first plan:  Basic Shopify.  Basic Shopify is the lowest priced plan available on the website. The only lower priced plan then Shopify basic is Shopify lite, which only allows users to sell on social media . This plan offers two staff accounts, unlimited products and a good Shopify shipping discount. Staff accounts are admin accounts that allow multiple admins access to the online store.  The next account up is simply called Shopify. It is $79 and grants you five staff accounts. Shopify also offers gift cards, professional reports and abandoned cart recovery. The last and highest plan is advanced Shopify. This plan retails for $299 and offers all of the features mentioned within the last two plans. They also offer 15 staff accounts. Advanced Shopify also offers an advanced report builder and third-party calculated shipping rates, which aren’t available on the first two plans.  As stated earlier Shopify offers a free 14 day free trail, so you wont have to initially pay in order to use the service but there is a monthly plan charge  if you want to continue selling through the Shopify marketplace.
No matter what platform you chose here at 4C we strive to make the ordering process as easy as possible. We have various ordering methods to fit everyone! Shipstation Integration is great for online stores that want a more automated approach and our order portal works for anyone to place orders and see information on order status or tracking with little hassle, the Excel is ideal for locations with limited internet access. Here is a link with more information to the Order Process