Order Process

This page is to help you select which ordering process is right for you. All 4 options require the use of our robust ordering system. 4C Portal can be accessed from the web or downloaded to your desktop.

Manual Order

We recommend this option for startup to small stores. With this option, you enter all of your order information manually into the 4C Portal. There is no minimum required to place an order.

ShipStation Order

If you have multiple market place accounts, time is a factor, and you are looking to expand; then this option is for you. This option allows you to save time and pay less in labor costs. ShipStation has a monthly subscription fee. With this process your ecommerce store is linked to ShipStation and your API keys is stored in the 4C Portal. Orders notes, thumbnail, shipping addresses transfer over from ShipStation. All other details require manual entry. Subsequent order information will be synced.

Excel Import Order

This option is for countries with slow internet connection and areas where there is frequent internet outage. This is just a simple .xlsx file that is downloaded to your computer and then uploaded to the 4C Portal. When your excel is uploaded, we will build your order and send it to your shopping cart for you to make payment.

API Ordering

Suitable for large companies with hundreds of daily incoming orders. This is the ultimate efficiency, where orders can be sent easily with very little effort. See Documentation.