Order Fulfillment

How Orders Are Placed

Orders can be placed manually through our order portal, Excel upload, ShipStation integration and our API integration .


Payment is required directly after checkout in the order portal. If there is an issue during checkout, all payments can be made using PayPal to this email address: info@4cprintshop.com.

Processing Time (Eastern Standard Time)

Orders placed after 3PM Monday - Friday will be processed the next business day. Business days are Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time (EST). Processing time is approximately 2-4 business days for items that we carry in stock. Once an item says PO, which means (purchase order), shipping time will take an estimated time of 3-6 business days. For peak season, please allow 5-7 business days.

We offer rush orders for an additional $3.50 per item. If a rush order is requested, it will be printed and shipped within 1 business day if it is a stock item. Exceptions to this will be if the item is not a stock item and needs to be ordered. Rush orders need to be submitted by 2PM Monday - Friday

The rush fee is only for us to print the item as soon as possible, it will not speed up the shipping time to the buyer. If you wish to speed up the shipping time to the buyer you can purchase priority or express shipping for your items (domestic customers only)

Verifications and Cancellations

Artwork Verify - an email is sent to verify artwork that does not match the thumbnail. After 3rd email the item will be printed and shipped as is.

Address Verify - an email is sent to verify an address that is not generating in our API address system. After 3rd email the item will be placed in holding. After 60 days it will be donated or discarded.

Item Verify - an email is sent suggesting a substitute item when the initial item requested is unavailable. If a substitute can not be found, a full refund will be issued.

A full refund will continue to be issued within 24-48 hours for the following (unless otherwise stated): • Artwork cancellations - we will not print copyright or trademark items. • Customer cancellations - if we are informed prior to the order being printed, a full refund will be issued. • Customer cancellations - if we are informed after the order is printed, a refund of  only the shipping amount will be issued.


  • All orders are shipped by USPS unless otherwise stated (Domestic & Worldwide).
  • All orders are shipped with our company information or your company name (if requested).
  • Items are shipped in white non-branded poly bags with a label.
  • All orders are updated with a tracking number in the portal.
  • Shipping time is based on mail class (US Only): Express Mail: 1-2 days; Priority Mail: 2-3 days; First Class Mail: 3-5 days.
  • International shipping varies based on destination; therefore, we are unable to provide delivery time.
  • If packages are lost or stolen, as a courtesy, we will cover the full cost to print and reship it.

Shipping Label

Please visit our FAQ for information on how to get your company name on our shipping label.


  • The return address is 210 E. Washington St. Suite A Minneola, FL 34715.
  • All returns will be communicated to you via email.
  • Returns will be held for 60 days from the date the email was sent. After 60 days, items will be given to a local donation.


  • Care Tag Printing/Heat Transfers (inside the shirt): add $1.00. Please see our Branding Page for more information on available styles. Heat Transfers need to be mailed to our physical address.
  • Poly Bagging: add $0.25. A clear polyethylene bag that protects your product from dust and damage. Tissue paper is also added to enhance the presentation of your item(s).
  • Hang Tag: add $0.50. Your customized label, which needs to be sent to us (via mail) will be added to each garment.
  • If you would like business cards, packing slips, or any print media sent with your orders, please mail them to our physical address and we will include them in each package (there is no additional charge for this service).


  • Complaints should be reported no later than 21 days after delivery, with the exception of damaged packages that need to be reported immediately.
  • Complaints must be clear and should include a photo(s) of the item and an email from the buyer (additional photos may be requested).
  • Complaints must be a new email and must indicate the order number and line item ID in the subject line.
  • If there is a defect or if a mistake is made on our part, we will reprint and reship at no charge to you. If you receive the wrong shirt, we will send you a return label to mail it back to us. A new shirt will not be printed until we receive the incorrect shirt. If your item was damaged in transit we will reprint and mail a new item. We will only reprint items damaged in transit as a one time courtesy per item. We will cover the cost in the event a package is lost. For domestic packages it must be lost for 14 days or longer. International packages must be lost for 30 days or longer. A picture will be needed of the damaged package.
  • Send complaints to us at support@4cprintshop.com.


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