Integrate WooCommerce with your website

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April 25, 2017
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June 12, 2017

Are you looking to start utilizing one of the largest commerce platforms with your WordPress website?  WooCommerce has it all! Easy to create and manage products, statistics about what your store is up to, and a database of customers. Follow this easy to use guide to start the integrating WooCommerce in your store today!

The first thing you will need to do is install the WooCommerce plugin. You can download it for free from the WordPress repository. To install it from your dashboard navigate to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New, search for “WooCommerce”, click on “Install Now” then click on “Activate.” Following the walkthrough for WooCommerce setup, click on “Let’s Go.”

On the setup screen, WooCommerce notifies you that it will create a few pages that are automatically needed to complete the setup. This includes a shop, cart, checkout, and my account pages. Click on “Continue”. On the store locale setup screen WooCommerce allows you to quickly choose the country and/or state you are based out of and the currency and units for your products. Next click on “Continue.” On the shipping and tax setup screen you can choose whether or not you are shipping physical goods to customers. Then you can enable sales tax if required. Then click on “Continue.” Remember, WooCommerce can also be used to sell digital products and downloads.

On the payments screen you can choose which 3rd party payment processor you want to integrate with. The Stripe is free for WooCommerce.  Then click on “Continue.” You Have now successfully integrated WooCommerce with your Word Press website.

All the basic features of WooCommerce are free and launching it on your WordPress site will not cost you an additional penny. Just install it and sell!  Some other extensions do have a subscription price.

Below are the prices for a few of the most popular WooCommerce extensions:

  • Groups for WooCommerce: $79
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: $199
  • WooCommerce Memberships: $149
  • Stripe for WooCommerce: $79 This extension is now free
  • Table rate shipping: $199
  • Product Add-Ons: $49
  • Bookings: $249

Even though all the basic functions, and a lot more, come with WooCommerce for free, the plugins you need can cost a lot. For example, the price for an average premium template is from $40 to $75, whereas some advanced payment gateway can cost up to $150. WooCommerce is only a plugin for WordPress. There is not as much variety in terms of extensions as with PrestaShop, OpenCart and Agento. While WooCommerce is great for running a small business, it isn’t a perfect fit for large volumes of orders and shipping. The main issue might be that large numbers of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) can slow your site down as it’s not as well optimized for such challenges as the leading eCommerce solutions.

WooCommerce can be a great asset to any online shop, but no matter what platform you chose here at 4C we strive to make the ordering process as easy as possible. We have various ordering methods to fit everyone! Excel is ideal for locations with limited internet access, Shipstation Integration is great for online stores that want a more automated approach and our order portal works for anyone to place orders and see information on order status or tracking with little hassle.