Selling on the OpenCart marketplace

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April 18, 2017
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April 25, 2017

OpenCart is an online marketplace that focuses on creating seamless interaction between merchants and customers. They strive on creating an open source atmosphere; open source meaning transparent. Open cart gives you the freedom to modify, share and edit your products. The open source platform also provides a download version that is free of charge to use. Plug ins can be added for a minimal charge to include specific enhancements to your website.
For any issues that may occur within the marketplace, OpenCart offers an extensive support system. Community forums are available, where fellow Open Cart users help each other with any issues that they come across. Their users also enjoy the fact that the website offers multiple languages and currencies that can help to expand their store on a global level.
Due to its smaller size Open Cart is a lot easier to program then the bigger marketplaces. Its great for start-ups that need to deliver product quickly without  the complexity of additional integration’s. It provides a powerful shopping cart and some great tools which are far more intuitive and straight forward,  many professional developers may find it a bit too simplistic due to it not having as many features available for customization.  It’s a bit like comparing Microsoft  and Apple, or Pixar and Adobe Photoshop.

To place an order on OpenCart you first would need to set your general settings. This means adding your stores name, owner, address, email and phone number. This information will be used for the invoices that are sent out to customers. Next you must adjust the settings. You can change the name of your store, add product descriptions and currencies that you will accept for your product. You can also upload your logos for further market customization.
Open cart is more suitable if you’re trying to build your store independently because its more intuitive. It is also practically free to use.  But you also must take into consideration that one day, your business may grow out of it in favor of a more complex and extensive marketplace.

4C Print Shop is there to offer support whether you are using a simple program like Open Cart or a more extensive one.  Let 4C help you business grow, with intuitive ways of ordering like integration with ShipStation. ShipStation partners with all the major  selling channels to make ordering the easiest part! We also have our basic 4C Order portal, and excel uploads as great options to. To read more about the different option and instructions please see the Order Process.