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Possible issues that may occur prior to shipping
October 14, 2016
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October 23, 2016

While it is known that our turnaround time is two to four days, it is not necessarily known why it takes that time. Why not sooner? Why up to four days instead of just two? Hopefully, by explaining our order process, we can answer some of your questions.


After you place your order, our Shipping Lead, Tiffanie, reviews it. Due to copyright and trademark restrictions, we cannot print music bands, sports teams, or actors. Therefore we have to go through each order one by one.


Once the order is approved, our Production lead, Joe, gets the order ready for production. If the order is a stock item it can go on to the pretreating process. If the order consists of shirts that we do not have it stock, we have to order them. Depending on the style, color, etc. ordered items can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. Orders are printed in order by date of receipt. PO items are priority. They are immediately printed once we receive them.


In the Pretreat process, one of our Team Members readies the order for printing by spraying an even layer of pretreat across the shirt. The pretreat process is necessary for color shirts in order to print a white layer and bring out the color’s vibrancy. Once this is completed, it is passed on to one of our printing Team Members.


To ensure that a shirt doesn’t shift during the printing process, it is placed on a platen. The artwork is then chosen on the computer and printed directly onto the shirt. After it is printed, the shirt is pressed with heat to cure. If a shirt is two sided we must repeat the process over with the backside and then it is passed on to shipping. Occasionally, accidents or mistakes happen during this time, which will lengthen the process.


Once it is sent to shipping, the quality and size is double checked and it is sent out to your buyer. Should shipping find an issue with an item on the order, it is sent back to Production for a reprint. Here at 4C Print Shop we pride ourselves for high quality and strive to always improve.