Possible issues that may occur prior to shipping

The order process start to finish
October 23, 2016

In the DTG world many things can happen to an item that causes a shirt to get kicked back. This is a quick overview of the possible issues that can occur prior to shipping. Here at 4C Print Shop all of our employees are always on the lookout for some of the following:

Over Spray – Sometimes the platen is placed too far from the print head. The distance causes the ink to create a blurred effect around the edges and not the clean and crisp lines we look for.

Art Work Shift – In order to get a vibrant and solid print we often do multiple layers of ink. Sometimes there will be communication issues with the computer and the printer that will cause the artwork to print at a different point than originally started. This also causes a 3D effect.

Program Crash – We have requirements for artwork to be no larger than 3000 X 3000 pixel. This is because a larger file takes a long time to render. This causes the RIP program to freeze and crash. When this happens the programs shut down and we have to resize the art work before attempting to print again. We have recently begun to enforce these requirements due to the fact that when this happens on a consistent basis it delays the printing process.

Pretreat Error – At times our Pretreat Machine can be clogged and will apply too little pretreat. When there is not enough pretreat the white ink will not be vibrant and the end result is it will wash out, crumble, and peel off.

Oversaturation – When this occurs it means that too much white ink was applied to the shirt and was not given enough time to dry. The white and color ink mixed together leaves some spots on the apparel to be darker than others.

Pretreat Stain – This happens when the heat press is not cleaned regularly in between press cycles.

Human Error – While not often, a team member can forget to double check the size or style of the shirt. There are also times when the artwork is not centered. These issues can sometimes cause delays in shipping.