4C Print Shops pathway to brand success

Sublimation printing 101
October 23, 2016
Starting your own t-shirt company
October 23, 2016

Building a popular brand requires dedication, creativity and perseverance by all parties involved. Brand Success is a group effort. You want your brand to be synonymous with whatever goods or services that you are trying to sell. A brand that is popular enough can sell its product without much leg work. Why? Because they have already built the connection between enough positive attributes and their company. But brand success doesn’t just mean a large fan base. It also revolves around how reliable your clientele is. What will keep them coming back for more?

1) Develop the idea and decide on a name.

2) Promote your new brand and its new collection before its release.

3) Once your brand develops a fan base and customer base, create a wholesale catalog displaying all your products along with purchasing information.

5) Send your catalog to potential retailers.

6) Sell your t-shirts to retailers in bulk at wholesale prices.

7) Continue supplying your worldwide fan base through online product sales.

8) Open up your own retail shop to sell your products face-to-face with your customer base.

9) Experience an immense increase in revenue as you sell your merchandise through multiple channels.