Generating revenue in slow months

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August 22, 2017
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October 5, 2017

Generating revenue in slow months is vital to your business during the slowest time of the year. During this time think strategically about how to turn things around and give your buyers a reason to purchase your products or services. We will help with some ideas to help you re-think selling during these time periods.

What would motivate prospective buyers to move out of the norm or habit and change for you?  It has to be a compelling reason and a strong message. Consider a few questions. What do you take for granted in your business? What does your buyer take for granted? What can you do to make the buying of your product or service an experience?

Make your void period offer more of an experience and less of a transaction. In doing so, you will be making it harder for your competition to copy you. That’s why price cutting alone won’t get it done in the long term.  Help the buyers make it a habit by receiving loyalty rewards if they buy during void periods. Companies have to engage buyers. In the spirit of what made this country great, businesses need to understand what buyers want and give it to them.

If you can’t come up with some solid unique components that make your product or service different from that of your competitors, you may be in danger of being perceived as just another commodity. Here’s a strategy: Now that you know what’s valuable to buyers, create something unique about your product or service. Next, creatively exploit every aspect of the difference and tie it to what prospective buyers told you they wanted.

By now you see how “Generating revenue in slow months” is key to the longevity for your business. For more on building a better company visit: building a business that lasts