DTG vs. DTF Update

DTG vs. DTF Printing
May 11, 2021
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March 17, 2022

DTF printing was one of the most talked about subjects last year in the world of printing, and our thoughts on DTF have certainly changed in the past couple of months. In early 2021, we wrote an article comparing DTG to DTF, from the stand point of using a DTG machine to print DTF transfers. This was very time consuming, as we would have to combine various artworks in Photoshop then send to the RIP, print the color layer, and then dry it with a heat gun, after which the white layer was printed. This whole process on average took about 5 to 10 minutes to print each artwork. As much as our business here at 4C Print Shop is about DTG, the truth is that DTF is the future. There is really no particular technology that is “King of Printing”, but DTF is definitely taking the print-on-demand market by storm. However, every technology has its pros and cons, this includes DTF.

DTF prints look great with bright colors, good gradations, and fades too. But direct-to-garment produces the best quality prints. And it is unique in its ability to create fades to nothing, and smoke or flame effects because it prints directly onto the shirt.


Nonetheless, DTF is very versatile in its transferring mediums. Some items that DTF prints can be transferred on are: t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, backpacks, aprons, flags, sports uniforms, company dress shirts, safety vests, bandanas, denim, scrubs and certain binders; the list goes on and on.


Additionally, DTF printers probably produce the softest feel of any transfer technology. It does not feel “plasticky” at all. But you can still tell that it’s there.


The greatest benefits of DTF is that it can be virtually applied to any color garment with any placement, applied in about 10 seconds, and is just as durable as screen printing. DTF is also three to five times faster than most DTG machines, and it is cheaper and more efficient by all standards.


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