DTG vs. DTF Printing

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Print on Demand DTF Printing
May 4, 2021
DTF vs DTG print
DTG vs. DTF Update
March 17, 2022

DTG vs. DTF Printing

In comparing and contrasting DTG from DTF printing, please be note that these inferences have been made from the standpoint of using a DTG machine to print DTF transfers.

DTG is superior by far, however, DTF is a great add-on to have the ability to print on certain material types that was previously impossible to print with DTG since inception. Between the two methods, DTG is more time efficient; about 100 shirts can be printed in about 3 hours. While with DTF, about 50 shirts can be printed in the same amount of time. As the old saying goes, “time is money”.

DTG Pros
• Tried and proven
• Has a nice soft feel when executed correctly
• Very efficient

DTG Cons
• Very steep learning curve
• Ink cost is very expensive
• There are too many variables that affect the overall outcome
• Easy to break down if not washed properly
• Limited to certain material types

DTF Pros
• Very easy to learn
• DTG is the most versatile
• No pre-treatment
• DTF uses about 75% less ink
• Has a better print quality: printing on a solid sheet of paper
• Excellent for hard to reach areas
• Can be used on many material types

DTF Cons
• Very time consuming
• DTF can be thin or thick, soft or plastic like
• Hard edges
• Still in its infancy

While there is a slight bias towards DTG because it has been our main form of printing, there is no loyalty towards it if the future is DTF. While DTF is cheaper in terms of ink cost and the print quality is slightly better, inefficiency is certainly a big factor and there is no way getting of around the print time of one shirt. The big draw back with DTG, is the many variables it takes for a shirt to be printed right. But once those settings are dialed in, it’s easy to reproduce shirts in a bulk with a good work flow. DTG will continue to be the go-to form of printing for most drop shipping shops that operate on the major ecommerce platforms. One thing is certain as of now, is that DTF will not be taking over DTG anytime soon, or if ever.

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