The drop shipping process of Big Cartel

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March 28, 2017
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April 18, 2017

Another popular e-commerce site is Big Cartel. Big Cartel is a marketplace designed with the artist in mind. Created to cater to painters, photographers, bakers and authors; this website offers a platform for artists to share their personal endeavors with the world at large. The Big Cartel platform is excellent for those that want to create an encompassing experience for their customers. Big Cartel offers web page customization unlike other eCommerce sites such as E Bay or Etsy. Many shops are extremely distinctive of each other with custom layouts and themes. It truly feels like you are surfing the buyers very own website.

Selling through Big Cartel also requires a membership. You can sign up for the platinum, diamond, titanium or gold package. The gold package is free but offers limited services in terms of how many items you are allowed to sell on the website. With the promise of free membership you are capped at selling only five products on Big Cartel. They do offer some flexibility however. You can change your plans at any time. If you wanted to upgrade to a more advanced plan or save money by scaling down to the gold plan you are free to do so. They also don’t charge you for the switch until your next automatic pay date.

Drop shipping through Big Cartel requires an connection between the external marketplace and your drop shipper.  Let 4C help you business grow, with intuitive ways of ordering like integration with ShipStation. ShipStation partners with all the major  selling channels to make ordering the easiest part! For a more in depth breakdown of this process check out our video on how to integrate an order with ShipStation here. We also have our 4C Order portal, and excel uploads as great options as well. To read more about the different option and instructions please see the Order Process.