Branding Series- Package Inserts

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October 18, 2018
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November 23, 2018

4 Creative Package Insert Ideas

In a continuation of our branding series we are highlighting another great way to bring attention to your brand with package inserts. Package inserts can be versatile and personalized. They are proven to almost double conversion rates of returning customers.

So what exactly is a Package insert?

A package insert is anything you add to your customer’s shipment. This is very broad because package inserts can be so many different things. The sky’s the limits for your insert ideas and that is what’s so great about them.

Have you ever wondered is the extra effort really worth it. The answer is: YES!

When running an E-Commerce site you are in a constant battle to gain your customers trust from the moment they enter your site. If you think the job is done once they place an order you’re wrong. Studies have shown you will gain more revenue from existing customer than always trying to get new customers. When done correctly you can make a lasting impression that will not only encourage them to order again. It will also lead to word of mouth sales (and those are every sellers dream). These 4 creative insert ideas are just a start but we hope it leads you to something even more unique!

Before you see the great insert ideas we cultivated for you, your business’ needs need to be #1 on your list. Not all of these ideas will work for your specific situation. Think about the following questions when deciding what kind of inserts would work best for your business.

Who is your target audience?
Is your insert idea relevant to your store?
Is the practice scalable?
What is your goal?

Your inserts need to be gender neutral but males and females respond differently to advertising. Take that into account when deciding on your insert. Your insert needs to be relevant to your store. It’s not effective to add something that the customer can’t get at your shop or isn’t related to your field. If you are a small shop now but plan to grow make sure your insert idea can grow with you. If you have an influx of orders and your insert idea is a personalized “thank you” card will you have time to efficiently make all your inserts? Last but not least what is your goal from your inserts? You can encourage them to follow on social media or offer a discount to gain repeat orders. You can include sample sizes of new products or ask for customer reviews. Don’t try to accomplish them all with your insert, choose one goal; two at most.

1.Promotional codes

This is a very cost efficient insert idea. You can customize some business cards to include a promotional code on the back for customers to use on their next order. Even include one with a special discount code for them to share with a friend!


Imagine this: your logo on cars, notebooks, and computers. Your stickers can be a conversation starter for people everywhere just because you added some clever stickers with your brand. It’s that easy to spread the word about your business.

3.Product Samples

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Including a few thoughtful and well planned items to your customer’s package will go a long way. This option is great if you are about to launch some new products. Create hype by offering free samples.


I guarantee customers would be pleasantly surprised to find some sweet goodies in their package! You could get some branded with you logo or you could add your own finishing touch to the candy (i.e. add ribbon and a business card).