Design resources for t-shirt printing

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October 23, 2016
Different methods of t-shirt printing
October 23, 2016

So you decided you want to design your own t-shirts? We have plenty of design resources that can aid in this endeavor. If you aren’t proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Elements, Corel Draw,  Corel Paint  Shop Pro another graphics program already, this might be the time to learn. But the easiest route might be hiring an experienced graphic designer. That person can be a local college student, a freelance designer, or better yet you can contact us for help!

Like any great endeavor, t-shirt design requires different facets and design resources. Having quality artwork to display on your t-shirt plays a huge role in creating a great shirt. Quality artwork plays a major part in producing a quality product. Once you have a finished and optimized a piece of artwork, printing out a design on a direct-to-garment printer is easy. Clipart can be used in combination with your own art or text to make great t-shirt designs. I personally like to use clipart as a component with text. I then modify the colors or design with a graphics editing program.

Also if you don’t have the money to buy expensive graphics program don’t worry, here you can download two free software program here: Gimp or Inkscape

Gimp is still a favorite of mine to this day. I use it along with other software to achieve the desired result.

The final step is to find a reputable T-shirt printing company, that is where we come in. You design it…We will print it. Here at 4C Print Shop we offer fast and reputable service that can be personally tailored to any budget.