Poly Mailer Opening Guide

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April 21, 2020
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November 11, 2020

Most items by default are shipped in a poly mailer. This is done as it offers really good protection. Poly mailers are water resistant, shipping costs tend to be less, and they are tamper proof. Despite being lightweight by definition they are typically made from polyethylene which is the most common plastic.

You may be wondering why we are writing a guide for opening poly mailers. Oftentimes a garment is accidentally cut when a buyer receives their package and tries to open it. To prevent this from occurring we want to create step by step instructions to assist in ensuring that you are your garment are not accidentally cut.

First and foremost safety is the number one priority when opening a poly mailer/envelope using a household scissor, nail clipper, or a utility knife. If these tools are not used correctly you can cause damage to your garment, injury to yourself or someone else. An extra layer of protection would be to put on a pair of protective gloves prior to opening your package. Also, ensure no one is close enough to you to possibly be injured and remember to cut away from your body.

The poly mailer bag is an easy open for when you receive it. Where it is sealed you can rip above the seal for an easy and clean opening of the package.

Alternate opening options :

– Hold package in front of you or place it on a table. Then locate the garment inside.

– Carefully make a small incision in the poly mailer using household scissors, nail clipper, or a utility knife in either the top left or right corner. Always cut away from your body. If using a pair of scissors, select a pair with blunt tips.

– Use your finger to slowly pull the poly mailer apart.

If you wish to reuse your poly mailer then please feel free.  If not it can actually be recycled by using the same recycling facilities offered for recyclable bags that you see at a number of the larger grocery stores.