Build Your Brand

Today’s market is increasingly competitive. It many aspects its not about the product, its about how it’s presented. This includes everything from how the product is marketed, to how appealing the listing, and of course the actual product. Branding is a great way to get attention, and make your product stand out. When you start to brand yourself its more than just adding a new tag to a shirt. Brand by definition is a class of goods identified by name as a single firm. What you are really doing with your brand is creating a standard, that is what people will come to trust and look for. When you create a standard you are creating an image of your brand. When customers buy from you that is what they want products that won’t let them down, products that are appealing, they create a status for the customer. Once you gain your customers trust by repeatedly providing them with a good buying experience they will become a life-long customer.

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Care Tags

Care Tags are digitally printed on items typically where the original tag would be or on the backside of the neck area. We remove the original tear away tag and allow customers to order their own tag to be printed in place of it. When removing the original tag you will need to make sure the required information is listed on your custom tag. Download our .pdf below for more information. This service is an additional $1.00 per shirt.

Poly Bags

Customers love a nicely packaged item. You can really make an impression by having your items Poly bagged. This service is only available on shirts (no sweaters or hoodies). We neatly fold the item into its own clear poly bag adding tissue paper to enhance the presentation, that is then packed in our normal shipping bags. This service is available for additional .25 cents per item.
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Add In's

Another great way to create repeat customer's is add discount codes, or business cards in with your orders. Customers can chose to can send us any paper add in's and we will pack them with your items. This service is offered at no additional charge.

Return Labels

By default our name and address are listed on items shipped. We do offer customers the ability to customize their return name and address. This service is offered at no additional charge. If the items are not sent back to us we are not responsible for any returns. If you would like to customize your return label just email our team what you like on the return label and we make a note in your account. Email us at .
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Sleeve Printing

Grow your brand awareness with sleeve printing! A creative, and fun way to subtly place your logo in a visible place on your custom shirts. You can print on both the right sleeve and left sleeve or just one- your choice. This service is available for an additional $1.50 per sleeve.

Hang Tags

We also have the ability to apply hang tags on customers items. The hang tags would need to be provided (mailed) to us before hand. Once we receive them you can than chose to add them to your order for an additional $0.50 per item.
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