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October 23, 2016
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October 23, 2016

Here at 4C Print Shop we are continuously asked about photo editing programs that can be used as an alternative to Photoshop. While there are many alternatives out there like Phoxo, Funny Photo Maker, Photo Pos Pro, Photoscape, Irfanview, Photoscape, Irfanview, Photofiltre, Pixbuilder Studio, and Chasys Draw Ies. We decided that the best two are Gimo and Below we have included some of the advantages and disadvantages of using both programs.

Gimp Advantages:

The current version works with numerous operating systems

Supports many different artwork formats

Just as good as Photoshop – Contains a lot of similar editing tools as Photoshop

Gimp Disadvantages:

Poor user interfaces

Buggy and hard to use at times – though a simple interface there are still some glitches to be worked out Advantages:

User-friendly interface

Can be used by anyone Disadvantages:

Can only be used on Windows – Only available on the Windows interface, much to the dismay of Mac users

Does not support most artwork formats

Many drawing, adjustment, and editing features are missing – Not as many editing tools as photoshop

Not enough help videos – We still had alot of questions regarding the interface that remained unanswered but searching their website

Link to download Gimp: Gimp

Link to download

In the end we decided to go with Gimp as the better editing software. We liked the functionalities and capabilities of the program. We also liked that we were able to access it across multiple platforms. It was much more comparable to Photoshop in our opinion, due to the the different tools that we had access to while editing.