APIs are great time savers. They also offer user convenience in many cases. All requests are made using standard GET and POST. All responses are JSON.

To request an API key, send an email to: support@4cprintshop.com

See documentation: API Documentation

Our API Product Reference needs to be downloaded. It's an excel document with all products and their attributes that are currently active and available for API ordering.

Additional information regarding using API:

New API orders are kept in the stage "New" until payments are made. They are then moved to "Approved". The approval stage consists of purchasing, picking & sorting. The orders are moved to "Ready for Production" stage where they are printed. The orders are moved to the "Done" stage once they are shipped. Total processing time is 2-4 business days.

API functionality overview:

Single/Batch API Query for all active orders.

Create a new order.

Add line item to an existing order.

Order query by date as well as date range.

Upload artwork and thumbnail.

Batch API Query for all active artwork & thumbnail.