4C Print Shop integration with ShipStation

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October 23, 2016
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March 7, 2017


4C Print Shop partners with ShipStation to bring our customers a new feature. We now offer ShipStation integration! With our new integration customers are able to place multiple orders through the ShipStation platform. This collaboration poses many benefits, which we are glad to share with you.

The ShipStation service first and foremost offers incredibly easy access to multiple distribution channels. In literal seconds of receiving your order you will be able to add multiple shipping channels. This frees up ordering time and also allows numerous orders to be made without the hassle of completing this task one by one.

That brings us to another plus of our 4C Print Shop and ShipStation integration. Order information is able to be saved and used for future orders. Thumbnails, order notes and shipping information is transferred over from ShipStation. This saves time during the checkout process and ensures that your delivery will make it to the correct address time and time again. This feature also improves information integrity.  When you are no longer required to input information on an order to order basis, the more likelihood that there will be less mistakes made that can impact the buyers receiving of the product.

The same notion goes with ordering similar product. With our 4C Print Shop integration with ShipStation, not only is the shipping process much simpler. Adding attributes to a product has become more user friendly. With placing an order through ShipStation, you only have to manually input the information in the 4C Portal  the first time that it is placed . This feature will  be exponentially helpful for large stores that are ordering products in bulk.

And last but not least, this integration with ShipStation allows 4C Print Shop  to do what we do best. Which is to provide quality and affordable product to our customers in a reliable fashion. We are better able to focus on the production of your product in order to ensure that you are receiving the best that we have to offer time and time again. Click here for a tutorial ShipStation Tutorial .