Your strong value proposition

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November 30, 2019
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March 5, 2020
Your strong value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from your products or services. In order to get customers to consider changing from the status quo, you have to give them a good reason. One of best ways to waken a prospective customer out of their “everything is okay” slumber is to jolt them with a statement about the significant difference your offering. The more specific your number, the higher its credibility.
Customer engagement
you can ask your customers to create a benchmark. If you’re confident that your product or service will deliver positive business results, get them to measure the success they’re getting.
Some customers really like to do this. They want to see if their investment in your offering truly did make a difference. And if it did, believe me, they will be telling everyone in the company about their great decision-making.
Once you get those positive, business-impacting metrics your value proposition will be so much stronger.
Another aspect of customer engagement is testimonial. A well phrases testimony in the words of a satisfied client can really capture attention. However, left on their own, satisfied customers usually don’t express the aspects they most appreciate about your products/services in the best way you’d like them to.
These are comprised of Industry Statistics and Client Results Statistics. Industry statistics are great, but too often everyone is spouting the same details from the industry mouth piece. They can become cliche – something true but trivialized from over use. The trick is to always find fresh stats, dig down to get the data unused by your competitors and make it pertinent to the situation.
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