Print on Demand DTF Printing

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February 18, 2021
DTG vs. DTF Printing
May 11, 2021

Print on demand DTF printing is here to say. What is DTF?  Direct to Film printing, or DTF, is a new technology that allows users to print designs onto special films after which a white or black powder is applied to the printed sheet. The powder, which is also called the adhesive, is then cured using a heat press. During this process the powder will actually melt into the ink. When the transfer is applied with the heat press, the powder is re-activated and provides an enhanced bond to the shirt. Images can be printed on both hot and cold peel transfer papers, based on manufacturer specifications.

This printing process is still in its infancy — unlike DTG (Direct to Garment) printing that was introduced 20 years ago — and while it is somewhat of a manual process that is geared toward printing smaller quantities, there is no doubt that it will get efficient over time which will make print on demand DTF printing more of a possibility for the masses. Why has this method caught so much attention from the industry? This transfer process gives operators the ability to print on any substrate (polyester, cotton, Leather, nylon, silk, wool). In this procedure each substrate requires a different pre and post treatment. This process is certainly not a replacement for DTG but should be used in a complimentary manner, as the feel and the quality is completely different. Based on some early wash test, DTF printed items should be able to be washed for fifty times before there is any cracks. Our main target for DTF is 100% polyester (aka “performance wear”). Performance wear has become a steady desire in the print on demand industry; there has never gone a week without a customer or a potential customer inquiring about these items. It’s a well-developed fashion trend and fabric. What that has done to custom t-shirt businesses all over the country, is making prints on 100% polyester and other wicking materials a must.

For an explanation of what DTG or direct to garment is, please visit: What is DTG