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March 29, 2019
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June 10, 2019

With graphic tees being the “in” thing right now, why not use them to kick start your marketing strategies or celebrate your next family get together .  Whether you are looking to promote an event, reward your staff with a fun and inexpensive gift or planning a summertime family reunion, DTG printed graphic tees are just the thing! DTG custom designed shirts for your event are a inexpensive way to bring whatever message you are trying to convey to a very visual public.


Nonprofit organizations need to be super creative when it comes to fundraising. A great T-shirt design sells itself, especially when it’s tied to a fun event or a worthy cause. Since people wear these event shirts long after an event is over, this helps get a jump on next year’s event.

Family Events!

Whether it’s a birthday, a family reunion or a group vacation, custom printed t shirts can be a fun way to show your creative side and bring everyone together. Even after the event is over these souvenirs can be worn for years to come bringing back all of the fun memories you all created together.

Your Business Promotion!

Whether  custom T-shirts are appropriate uniforms  or whether logo shirts are more of a casual Friday kind of thing, your employees will love them. Giving your staff a custom printed company shirt can definitely build camaraderie . New employees will also feel a sense of belonging when they are given company shirts when the begin their new job.

Branding is very important for your business. What better way than supplying your employees with shirts flashing your logo and tagline where ever they go.

We at 4C Print Shop pride ourselves in our ability to print quality garments for any occasion. Our graphic designer can help you with your custom design for all of your upcoming events. We have no minimum order requirements so we can help if you need only one shirt or a large number for a big group. Let us help you with DTG custom designed shirts for your event!

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