Portal Support

The support desk was created to answer 4C Portal questions. If you do not see something that you are looking for please email us at support@4cprintshop.com

For our frequently asked DTG questions, please click FAQ.

Portal Tutorials

1Desktop Portal Order Tutorial

How do I order using the Desktop Order Portal? A great way to get started is reading or watching our desktop tutorial.

2Web Portal Order Tutorial

How do I order using the Desktop Order Portal? A great way to get started is reading or watching our web Portal tutorial.

3How do I use the remember address feature?

Please watch the video remember address.

4How do I use the reship feature?

Please watch the video reship feature.

5How do I check out in web portal with a military shipping address?

Please watch the video military shipping address.

6How do I use batch upload feature?

Please watch the video batch upload tutorial.

7How do I import an order with Excel?

Please watch the video excel import tutorial.

Assistance & Troubleshooting topics

1Why does my image/artwork have a new name?
These are all the untitled images that lost their metadata after it has been uploaded. We tried to fix this issue but we were unable to do it without renaming the image. Please see the example where the image is renamed to the image ID.
2Why is the Web Portal not supported in Mozilla web browser?
Mozilla Firefox is not officially supported at this time. Supported browsers are Safari, Chrome, IE 11.x, Microsoft Edge & Opera
3Why did I encounter an inactivity timeout?
After 1 hour of inactivity, users will see a pop-up message that enables them to extend the timeout interval or allow the timeout to occur.
4Why am I am experiencing Web Portal connection issues?
A connection error message is displayed occasionally when trying to connect to the web portal. To connect to the portal, close your browser and reload.
5What does the various order statuses mean?
PO - this stands for "purchase order,". which means an item is not in stock and has to be ordered. Printed - The item has been printed. Shipped - The item has been shipped. Cancel - The item has been canceled. Artwork Needed - We are missing the artwork. Verify address - Our system does not recognize an address. Verify Artwork - The artwork name and image do not match. Returned - An item has been returned.
6Why can't I find my artwork or thumbnail?
In order to find your artworks and thumbnails, make sure you are logged into your account.
7Why am I seeing "Fields not found" error?
This error message is displayed when an artwork is dragged and dropped in the artwork container. The correct way to upload your artwork is to click the upload button.
8Why can't I find my orders?
All orders are located on your account page. If you cannot locate a specific order, click the find button on the account page. You can search by specific order ID, order stage, or order date. To see a list of all your orders, click on the Clear button.
9What are my artwork requirements for Portal uploads?
Please see below regarding artwork requirements: Artwork : PNG format: *Artwork size: 3000x3000 pixels, *300 DPI (resolution), no more than 7 MB Thumbnail : *JPG/PNG Format, no more than 7 MB
10Why is my order is saying, "please enter valid address"?.
Please make sure all shipping fields are entered. If that does not fix the problem, make sure to type out the address since copying and pasting sometimes adds extra characters to the address line.
11How many accounts can I have?
Currently, you can have as many accounts as you like, but only one can be used per computer.
12How do I change or retrieve my password and/or username?
You can retrieve your username and password by sending an email to support@4cprintshop.com
13Why can't I install the Desktop Portal?
It may be one of the reasons below. 1) There is not enough hard disk space (10GB hard disk space needed and at least 2 GB ram). 2) Check to make sure the correct file was downloaded, (32 bit installed for a 32 bit computer). 3) If the portal is installed on a Windows 7 computer, then a service pack one (sp1) is needed.
14Why isn't my PayPal link not working?

Please use this link for alternative payments. You can also send us payments directly from your Paypal account to info@4cprintshop.com

15Why am I receiving batch upload error?

This error message will pop up if Java offline is not installed.

For the updated version, please visit https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

16My Paypal session says timeout?
This occurs when: *the API call to Paypal is unsuccessful *the incorrect PayPal information is entered *you have a slow connection as a result of using Internet explorer, which Microsoft has stopped updating. When this occurs, you can go back to your shopping cart and reenter your PayPal details.
17Can I modify the excel sheet?
No, this will affect how your file is imported.
18Do I need to have a 4C Portal account to use excel import
Yes, a account is needed to get in order to get artwork & thumbnail ID from from the ones that has been uploaded.
19Could not be created on this disk

This error message will pop when the previous file that has been downloaded is still open.

20Which artwork & thumbnail are displayed when I download CSV or PDF for Excel import?
Only active artwork and thumbnail are displayed.
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